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colorado springs sister cities international IS A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION

that relies on its community partners to help us further our mission of engaging with our 7 sister cities to promote world peace, friendship, cultural understanding, and mutual economic reward.  Please take a moment to learn about them.  Thank you!


The City of colorado springs

The City of Colorado Springs is the second largest city in the state of Colorado and is deeply committed to furthering its international business and cultural partnerships around the world through the efforts of Colorado Springs Sister Cities International.


colorado springs regional business alliance

The Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance (Business Alliance) has partnered with Colorado Springs Sister Cities International to assist in advocating for international business development opportunities in the city we love.  The Regional Business Alliance is committed to being the primary advocate for the Colorado Springs business community, dedicated to serving businesses of all sizes to build the Pikes Peak region's economy. The Business Alliance is the connection between business and government, business and business, and business and the workforce.



KCME is a member-supported non-profit classical music station in Colorado Springs.  KCME has partnered with Colorado Springs Sister Cities to help spread the word about international citizen diplomacy and world peace.  Please visit KCME and support them by donating in the name of your business or firm, and your business will be acknowledged on-air weekly. You will hear the name of your business – and its location – and so will all of KCME’s thousands of listeners! Support great music on KCME – and your business receives the on-air recognition it deserves!


colorado springs sister cities international has established formal diplomatic ties with 7 unique global cities:  ancient olympia, greece; bankstown, australia; bishkek, kyrgyzstan; fujiyoshida, japan; kaohsiung, taiwan; nuevo casas grandes, mexico; and smolensk, russia.

Every year, Colorado Springs Sister Cities International hosts exciting events that highlight our city's focus on global affairs and international alliances.  Colorado Springs is a fast-growing, cosmopolitan community represented by citizens from around the globe.

world peace & friendship

An important aspect of our mission is to promote international friendships that lead to lasting alliances and ultimately, peace in the world.  At Colorado Springs Sister Cities International, we form a group of citizen diplomats, working tirelessly to bring our vision of world unity to the forefront.

cultural understanding

With mutual cultural understanding comes a deepening of friendships and respect for other peoples and other countries.  This helps lessen future conflict and helps to usher in peace and prosperity around the world.  Cultural events, student exchanges, and foreign delegations all help to impact our understanding of other societies.

mutual economic reward

Trade missions and business alliances are a priority at Colorado Springs Sister Cities International because we understand that where there is trade, there are also a blossoming of friendships, partnerships, and a vested interest in promoting peace.