Areas of Focus


Cultural exchanges provide the foundation for the majority of sister city relationships, bridging differences between nations through city-to-city partnerships and educating on a local level. These exchanges take many different forms, from elementary school pen pal project to tours by internationally-renowned artists. Musical performances, art exhibits, construction of peace parks or tea gardens, international cultural festivals, and teacher exchanges are popular throughout the sister city network.


To support local youth initiatives, CSSCI dedicates itself to promoting opportunities for youth exchanges, creating lasting friendships and cultural awareness from a young age. CSSCI provides project ideas, exchange programs, youth conferences, and mentoring opportunities to engage local young people in its dynamic international network.


International exchanges boost local industry and development, build avenues for trade and company expansion, and develop personal relationships that open doors for private sector investment. Economic development events and activities can include: visitors, local vendors at cultural events, on-going operations and maintenance of cultural attractions, international students, and company expansions.